Thursday, July 14, 2011

Candy Color Blue

Candy Color by Lotta Luv in Blue, from the Sugar Coated Series.
It looks like super sparkly blue sugar!  LOVE!!!

Here are a few other shades from the Sugar Coated Series!  <3
All of the beauties are ONE COATERS!!!

*Don't forget to click the pics for nice close looks at these pretties!*

See the full range of Candy Color polishes by Lotta Luv here!


  1. Gorgeous color & as always, an amazing photo! =) How does it compare to ChG Dorothy Who?

  2. @Honey BombThanks so very much! There are a lot of differences between this polish and Dorothy Who? - the shades are completely different (CC Blue is much cooler toned) and the glitter particle size is different (DW? having fine glitter and CC Blue having super fine glitter). The main difference is in the formulation and finish. CC Blue is a true one coat glitter in a highly pigmented base, yet somehow it's glitter manages to stay on the top of the finish and not get overtaken by the base color. The collection is called the "Sugar Coated Series" and it's an accurate name for this exciting breakthrough formulation! I'll be posting more shades from this wonderful line soon. :)

  3. These colors look good enough to eat. lol! where can this polish line be found? *-*

  4. @rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued)I love these too! The colors shown were found at Nordstrom. I have a feeling that Claire's might begin to carry them also because they carry other products by Lotta Luv.

    Check out Lotta Luv's FB wall - they have a photo which shows the full range of their new Candy Color polishes. I just added the link to my post. <3

  5. great photos! love love the name of your blog :) reminds me of one of my favorite absolutely fabulous moments heehee

  6. @CrystalOMG!!!! LOL!!! I used to LOVE Absolutely Fabulous!!! Now I feel even happier about the name! <3