Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spoiled Jewelry Heist &
Baby I Excuse Me

Hi everyone!  I'm sorry I haven't been able to post lately.  I've had some health problems recently.  :/  I'll write about it after the jump.  This pretty combination was my NOTD before I got sick.  I really loved it!

Please read on after the jump for more photos, reviews, and an update!

2 coats Jewelry Heist over 2 coats Baby I Excuse Me

Jewelry Heist is a blend of cool toned gold hexagons, light pink hexagons, and tiny multicolored mylar square glitters in a clear base.  The tiny squares are translucent so their colors vary depending on what they are layered over.  They really lit up over this shade, creating a lovely opalescent effect.  There is something very 1950's about this look that I love!  The colors work so beautifully together!

Jewelry Heist's clear base is on the thick side but it's not unmanageable.  It dries quite smooth and I believe the thicker base is responsible.  I only needed to use one coat of my usual top coat to finish this mani.  I didn't need to do any glitter smoothing coats at all.  My only complaint about this polish (and Spoiled polishes in general) is the brush.  It's like a larger version of the Sally Hansen CSM paddle brush.  It felt like I was using a mop to paint my nails!

Baby I Excuse Me is in the Tiffany Blue family.  It has less white in it than China Glaze For Audrey and is a notably deeper shade.  The formula is perfect; smooth, glossy, and a dream to apply.  Two coats creates perfect, even opacity.  Dry time is fast.  I wish I could provide information on where to buy Baby I.  A local nail supply used to stock the brand but they stopped carrying it.  :(  I wish I would have bought more colors!

Spoiled polishes retail for $1.99 and are available exclusively at CVS. has all the colors available online as well.  There are lots of fun colors and glitters!  I have color chips of all the ones I got posted here.  You can click any of the photos to enlarge them for a better look.  :)

And now a little update on me.  I know I don't talk too much about myself on here but I feel like sharing this might help others who have chronic hives (chronic urticaria), hypothyroidism, or Hashimoto's Disease.  If hives freak you out at all please don't read the rest of this post as it details really horrible experiences with hives.

I noticed a few hives on my left arm in December.  I have super sensitive skin and terrible allergies so I didn't think too much of it.  Two weeks passed and the hives got a lot worse.  My arms and hands had large, painful hives.  My allergist put me on a five day regimen of Prednisone.  I began to improve at first but the hives didn't completely go away.

The day after I stopped taking the Prednisone was horrifying.  My arms and legs were consumed with hives.  There were so many hives they began to connect and soon there was very little skin that wasn't covered in hives.  They didn't itch.  They burned.  It felt like my limbs were on fire.  The pain was crippling.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  My allergist put me on an aggressive week long regimen of Prednisone.

The hives began to clear two days into the regimen.  It was such a relief to not be in pain.  The hives began to return as soon as I began to taper off the Prednisone in the final days of the regimen.  The day after the Prednisone regimen ended I almost went to the hospital.  My legs, arms, and hands were covered with even more horrendous hives.  Hives also began to form on my stomach, shoulders, and feet. My palms were bright red and my fingers were so swollen I could barely bend them. Again, the hives didn't itch.  They burned like fire.  I was beside myself.  The pain was so bad I broke three of my teeth from clenching my jaw.  And then I felt a hive form on the inside of my mouth.  I was horrified.  I was so afraid that the hives would move into my throat and suffocate me.

I've had hives a few times in the past but these were by far the worst.  Many years ago I had two similarly severe outbreaks and both were caused by the same thing: my thyroid.  I have Hashimoto's Disease which caused hypothyroidism.  It went undiagnosed for thirteen months during which I had excruciating hives.  I finally requested a thyroid blood panel because it runs in my family and I had all the symptoms.  The results showed a very severe case of hypothyroidism.

My hives went away within two days of starting thyroid medications.  I never knew that chronic hives could be caused by hypothyroidism.  When I finally got on the right dosing of the right medicines I started to feel like myself again.  All of my symptoms went away.  I stayed on the same dosing of the same medications for years without symptoms.  My blood work consistently showed that my thyroid levels were good.

A few months ago I had to go to my primary care doctor for my thyroid prescriptions because my endocrinologist didn't have an appointment for eight months.  I was going to run out of medication before the appointment.  My primary care doctor had my blood work and my records from my endocrinologist.  Despite all this he lowered the dose of one of my thyroid medications.  I tried to explain that I'd been on the same dose for years and that I was doing really well.  My blood work was perfect.  I had no symptoms.  But he wouldn't listen.  I went on the dose he prescribed and waited for my endocrinologist appointment.

I was okay at first but soon found myself falling asleep every time I'd try to watch a movie.  I felt tired all the time.  All my symptoms began to return.  And then the hives started.  I didn't make the connection until my allergist brought up my thyroid.  He wrote for blood work to check my thyroid levels.  His nurse advised me to go back on my original dose of thyroid medication if I had extra pills.

The pain from the hives was so severe I could barely walk.  I didn't know how I was going to get to the hospital for blood work.  
I went back on my original dose of thyroid medications.  The hives began to improve for the first time without Prednisone.  I went for blood work the next day.  My results will be available soon but I already know what they will say.  I've continued taking my original dosing of thyroid medications for a week now and my hives have almost completely cleared. It's obvious that they were caused by my hypothyroidism.

I still have a few hives, swollen hands, and am very weak.  I am improving though and I'm not in terrible pain.  I'll have my blood work results soon.  My allergist also put me on an "allergy diet".  I already eat a vegan diet (no meat, no dairy, no eggs).  I now have to add nuts, citrus, chocolate, and wheat to the things I can't eat.  :(  The hardest thing has been not eating wheat!  I love bread so much and all the vegan meats I eat are made from wheat gluten.  If you guys have any suggestions for wheat free/nut free/citrus free vegan meats or wheat free/dairy free breads I'd love to hear them. I've been living on potatoes, oatmeal, and vanilla soy milk!  :/

Sorry this was soooooooooooo long.  If you suffer from chronic hives (chronic urticaria) please be sure to get blood work to check your thyroid.  There is more and more evidence linking chronic hives to hypothyroidism.  I've read about people who've suffered with horrible hives for over twenty years who never figure out why! This is why I've decided to share what happened to me.

I hope to be well enough to do my nails in a couple days.  I've been dying to paint them!  It always improves my mood when I have something pretty on my nails.  I have so many lovely things I want to share with you guys!  I hope so much to be posting again soon!