Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd

For closeup swatch photos, reviews, and more, please read on after the jump!

1 coat Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd over 2 coats Candy Color Green

1 coat Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd over 3 coats Petites Color Fever Galaxy

Lynnderella's blog describes The Glittering Crowd as having "over 100 different multi-coloured hexagon, square, and bar glitters.  Royal blue, chartreuse, red, violet, holographic silver and gold, orange, lime, emerald, teal, cyan, gold, pink, aqua, fuchsia..." Looking into the bottle was like gazing into glitter infinity.  I even saw a tiny star and a holographic diamond in there.  This is a glitter masterpiece.  ❤ I love it so much. 

The Glittering Crowd was easy to apply.  The glitters distributed effortlessly into beautiful random patterns on each nail.  Additionally, every piece of glitter conformed perfectly to the curvature of my nails.  No pokey edges.  Dry time was quick.  I used my usual glitter smoothing combo, Poshe Super Fast Drying Basecoat followed by Poshe Super Fast Drying Topcoat.  Normally I have to use 2 coats of Poshe Super Fast Drying Basecoat to smooth out serious glitters but this mani only needed 1 coat.  Nice surprise!  Everything about The Glittering Crowd is perfect.  :)

I couldn't choose between the two looks I came up with.  The green layering looked like a color riot.  The burgundy layering looked like glowing jewels.  Both equally appealed to me so I went for it and painted each hand differently.  Each looked amazing to me but it felt odd to have such different looks on each hand at first. The next day I was enjoying the contrast.  The day after that I was loving it.

I used Candy Color Green for the green layering.  Green is from the Sugar Coated Series, a collection of vibrantly colored polishes with glitter that looks like colored sugar!  :)  The Sugar Coated polishes are like no other polish that I own.  The formula is amazing.  They are somehow vibrantly pigmented and opaque without covering up the glitter.  The glitter stays in the finish like a sugar coating creating beautiful sparkle and depth.  They are very special polishes.  I have closeup photos of Green and some of the other colors from the collection in my Twitpic.

I used Petites Color Fever Galaxy for the burgundy layering.  Galaxy is a burgundy jelly with fine pink glitter.  It has a richness to it's look.  The formula is nice though I had to be careful around the edges to keep opacity consistent.  Here is a macro photo of Galaxy to see what it looks like by itself.

Lynnderella lacquers are currently available from Llarowe.  Frequent stock updates are posted on Llarowe's Facebook.  Please see Lynnderella's Blog for collection and sale updates.

I'm unsure of the availability of Candy Color polishes and unfortunately they do not respond to inquiries on their Facebook page.  Petites Color Fever polishes are available at Rite Aid.

Thank you so much for reading!