Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lynnderella She Lived in a Swamp

For close up swatch photo with bottle and more please read on after the jump!

1 coat Lynnderella She Lived in a Swamp over 3 coats Confetti My Favorite Martian
(this photo was taken in the sun, the top photo was taken in the shade)

She Lived in a Swamp is a blend of square and hexagon glitters in a vast variety of different sizes.  The main color notes are iceberg lettuce, chartreuse, and moss; with hints of olive and grass.  The glitter randomly patterns each nail in the seemingly random ways of nature's green textures.  Like gazing upward into an endless array of leaves swayed by a breeze, twinkling light peering through every space...this is infinitely beautiful.

For more information on Lynnderella's wonderful lacquers go here!

10/29  A little update to this post.  I just wanted to share this eye look!  :)

I don't normally share eye looks but this was inspired by the colors of She Lived in a Swamp.  I mainly used the colors in Wet 'n Wild's I Dream of Greenie trio.  I especially love the chartreuse "eyelid" color in that one!  <3