Saturday, October 8, 2011

Color Club
Beyond the Mistletoe Collection

Holiday Splendor

Candy Cane

Candy Cane


Beyond the Mistletoe

Beyond the Mistletoe

Sugarplum Fairy

Jingle Jangle

Jingle Jangle

For close up swatch photos with bottles and reviews please read on after the jump!

Holiday Splendor - 2 coats, in direct sun

Holiday Splendor - 2 coats, in the shade

Holiday Splendor is a vibrant green jelly filled with deep emerald green and silver holographic glitters.  The base color in Holiday Splendor is similar to Untamed Luxury though the glitter in each polish is completely different. This is seriously gorgeous. The intensity of the color, the beautiful depth of the glitter, and the endless rainbow of sparkles are dazzling!

Candy Cane - 3 coats, in direct sun

Candy Cane - 3 coats, in the shade

Candy Cane is a blend of silvery ice pink, light red, and lavender glitters. Lighting changes the appearance of this polish significantly with darker colors highlighted by sun and lighter colors highlighted by shade.  The silvery ice pink glitter creates the illusion of being sprinkled on top giving the polish a nice depth.  I liked this polish a lot more once I got it on my nails.  The pattern of colors is really pretty!

Gingerbread - 3 coats, in direct sun

Gingerbread - 3 coats, in the shade

Gingerbread is a blend of gold glitters laced with flashes of amber, violet, and citrus green.  The effect is similar to that of a holographic glitter except it flashes those specific colors instead.  So cool!  Lighting plays a dramatic role in how this polish appears like the rest of the polishes in the collection.  Bronze tones are more apparent in the sun while yellow gold sparkles in the shade.  *Update:  Gingerbread = Funky Fingers Golden Coast.

Beyond the Mistletoe - 3 coats, in direct sun

Beyond the Mistletoe - 3 coats, in the shade

Beyond the Mistletoe is a blend of ice blue, light aqua, and holographic glitters.  This polish is the counterpart of Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby which is also made by Forsythe. Funky Fingers is not as widely available as Color Club though so it's nice to see this polish become more accessible.  It's a stunner.  The holographic effect is one of the strongest I've ever seen on a glitter. It's blue skies and rainbows indoors and out!  Beautiful!

Sugarplum Fairy - 3 coats, in direct sun

Sugarplum Fairy - 3 coats, in the shade

Sugarplum Fairy is a blend of light lilac, medium lavender, and holographic glitters.  This polish is the counterpart of Funky Fingers Sand and Stillettos which is also made by Forsythe.  Sugarplum Fairy is the lavender version of Beyond the Mistletoe.  Super strong holo effect, super pretty color.  Rain or shine this beauty is blasting rainbows.  This is the kind of holo glitter you can see from a mile away.  I love this.  A lot.

Jingle Jangle - 3 coats, in direct sun

Jingle Jangle - 3 coats, in the shade

Jingle Jangle is a blend of lavender, light blue, and periwinkle glitters.  There is also a little bit of green glitter sprinkled in.  Different colors become more pronounced depending on the light, blue shining in the sun and lavender lighting up in the shade.  It has an almost silvery quality indoors.  Jingle Jangle was the polish I was most excited about when I initially saw this collection and it did not disappoint.  This is super duper pretty.  Super.  Duper.  Pretty.

The formula on all the polishes was nice.  Holiday Splendor was a bit thick, though it's nothing a little thinner couldn't easily fix.  I have a feeling it's because Holiday Splendor is the only polish in the collection which has a vibrantly colored base. Application was easy and dry time was super fast.  Most of the time my pinky was dry by the time I got to my thumb.  Some polishes dried more sparkly than others but none were super gritty.  No ruthless top coat gobblers here.  They got smooth and glossy easily with my favorite glitter smoothing combo.

Removal was not fun.  Is it ever fun though?  I strongly suggest using this tip and the foil method.  The glitter likes to stick around so I recommend using a gentle soap with a nice lather after polish removal.  I love Dr. Bronner's soaps and their lathery goodness really helps wash away glitter that gets stuck here and there.

Thanks so much for reading!  <3


  1. Yay \o/ I'm so glad you're back, and boy was it worth the wait, these swatches are amazing! This collection is totally up my alley, and you're right JJ is a stunner, I hope to see this in real life soon.

  2. What an amazing collection! And your pics are to die for! I think I need most of these! :D

  3. Beautiful pictures! I like the polishes, but I got totally distracted by the uber-cute butterflies *swoons*

  4. I randomly stumbled into your blog and I really want to know where have you gotten those fabulous butterflies?

  5. amazing polishes!

  6. Your pictures/hands are just so lovely. This collection is a must have after seeing your pictures :D

  7. @alexandrarc Yay! Thank you! I was literally swatching these all week, lol! XD I considered posting one at a time but then I thought I should put them all together. I can't wait to hear what you think of these. :D

    @nailinit Thank you so much! :D These are really pretty polishes!

    @Vicky@Manicure-Maniac I love the green too! It's so incredibly vibrant it practically glows! :D

    @Tabatha Thank you so much! The butterflies are vintage barretts that were given to me years ago by a boutique owner that I worked for. I've always loved barretts (and pretty much anything I can stick in my hair, lol!) so I was really happy when she gave me them! :D

    @Glenny The butterfly barretts were a gift from a boutique owner I worked for many years ago. They're quite old but I'm not exactly sure how old. I'm sorry I can't give you more information about them. She also gave me the rhinestone poinsettia barretts (shown with Jingle Jangle). The brooch (worn as a ring) in the first photo was my Great-Grandmom's. Both hats shown are from vintage boutiques/thrift shops. I should probably have noted these things in the post, lol! I will in the future. :D

    @rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) Thank you so, so much! I know these are going to look super gorgeous on you! <3

  8. beautiful imagery......nails are beautiful and the compositions even more so.....yes, the old hats are great. and i recognized the glad you've put them to good use....and u have!!!!

  9. oh god! your pictures look amazing! It's a real pleasure to watch them!

  10. Nice blog, not only for your post but also for the pictures you take, fantastic, very intense and dramatic!


  11. Bling,bling.I like these nail polishes.