Friday, September 30, 2011

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia
& Revlon Starry Pink

Facets of Fuchsia - don't forget to click the pics for extra glittery detail!  ;D

Facets of Fuchsia and a better view of my envelope clutch.  :D

Facets of Fuchsia, 3 coats

Facets of Fuchsia is a mix of very fine & medium vibrant fuchsia hexagon glitters in a black jelly base.  The black jelly base is pigmented enough to achieve complete opacity at 3 coats while still allowing glitter from the initial coats to show through which creates nice depth.  I prefer this look to layering over black but it can be worn that way too.  The glitter distributed itself nicely and dried quite smooth for a polish with so much glitter in it. Nice surprise!

I ended up liking Facets of Fuchsia a lot more than I thought I would after I got it on my nails, but then most dark polishes look good on me because I'm so pale.  The opposite might happen in the photos of Starry Pink.  I hope it doesn't look too bad on me but I'm worried it's giving me zombie hand so I'm putting the photos of Starry Pink after the jump!  


Starry Pink

Starry Pink, 3 coats

Starry Pink is a blend of very fine and medium silver hexagon glitters in a milky pink base.  This is pretty in a bottle.  Delicate and charming.  The formula was good. Glitter distribution was nice and the milky pink base wasn't too opaque or too sheer.  I applied three thin coats and had no application issues.  This could be worn layered also - one coat over a similar shade would work. Light pink, lavender, and light gray would be my first choices considering the milky pink tint of the base.

Starry Pink was the one I was most excited about when I bought the three glitters from the Revlon Expressionists Collection.  Pretty in a bottle it was, but alas, not pretty on me.  :(  I think it's giving me zombie hand.  Vampire hand = awesome. Zombie hand = not so much.  Or maybe it's just the contrast of viewing these two polishes side by side?  The other half chimed in, "Well, next to that purple deliciousness...  It's not your best color."  The "purple deliciousness" being Facets of Fuchsia, the polish I was sure I'd like least of the three.  Surprise!

Isn't it funny - you'd think a black polish would make a pale person look like death, but it's just the opposite.  Pastels are so cruel to me - they look like pretty candy in the bottle and then they give me zombie hand or lobster hand.  *pouts*  I'm not breaking up with pastels yet though.

Lastly, a bit about dry time.  I've read over and over that Revlons never dry.  I've always used top coats which speed the drying process so I never noticed this issue. I did a little test with Facets of Fuchsia and waited an hour for it to dry on it's own. It was still tacky.  Another hour.  Still tacky.  I gave up waiting and put my top coat on, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (one of my favorites for glitter polishes).  It dried!

Definitely have a lookie at the other glitter in the Expressionists Collection here if you haven't had a lookie yet.  It's called Blue Mosaic and it has glitters in the colors of the ocean!

Thanks so much for reading!  <3


  1. I love them both on you...I want the whole collection

  2. Oooh these are so pretty! They both look so good!
    Lovely blog by the way.
    P&C x

  3. I really like the Facets of Fuschia. The other one not so much,

  4. @EverythingsDiamond Thanks so much! It's a really nice trio of glitters! :D

    @Proctor & Cruz Designs Thank you so much! <3

    @Jennafroggy I agree. Thank you so much for your honesty - I not going to be wearing Starry Pink alone again. I'm going to try to come up with a layering combination that is more flattering for my skin tone. :D

  5. I want your purse *lol*
    Facets of Fuchsia is undeniable pretty, but I already have the Lippmann dupe, so I passed on this is one.
    But I need Starry Pink in my life & I think your hands aren't too pale to rock that shade. It looks great on you :-)

  6. *_* I can't wait to get my pack from the States! Facets of Fuchsia is so glamorous...

  7. This is gorgeous! I need to get this!

  8. Simply stunning photos! =)

  9. These are both gorgeous colors, thanks for sharing <3
    xoxo, Chantel

  10. I liked facets of fuchsia a lot more after I put it on too, I didn't get starry pink I thought it was too light.

  11. Facets of Fuchsia is gorgeous! Love your purse, too! :)

  12. FINALLY ! A gal with nails! I get tired of seeing short/barely there nails. Long nails are beautiful...& yes I mean real/natural long nails. Your nails & blog are amazing! I'm off to subscribe!

  13. Facets of Fuchsia is awesome, especially on your nails. I could look at that polish all day. Gorgeous pics! :)

  14. Reaaly amazing, both of them!