Saturday, September 3, 2011

Revlon Blue Mosaic &
NYC Teal the End

 2 coats Revlon Blue Mosaic over 2 coats NYC Teal the End

 The green glitter really takes this to another level!

I have to give the other half credit for this mani.  He suggested adding Mosaic.  

Blue Mosaic's base is almost clear unlike the other two glitters in Revlon's Expressionists Collection.  It has a very, very faint blue tint.  I love it layered though Blue Mosaic can be worn by itself with 3 coats giving pretty good opacity. It's combination of fine blue glitter, silver hex glitter, blue hex glitter, & green hex glitter is really beautiful.  It was very sparkly even before top coat and dried relatively smooth.  I ended up loving this way more than I thought I would.

Update!  See the other two glitter polishes from the Expressionists Collection, Facets of Fuchsia and Starry Pink, here!


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :-
    The color is amazing, isn't it?
    But now looking at your NotD, you caused a lemming, too *lol* That layering combo is tdf *drools*
    (BTW, you're on MUA, too, right? :-))

  2. Nice nails!

  3. @Sandra Thank you so much! It is even sparklier and brighter in person (I think it tweaked my camera out, lol!)! :D

    @Tabatha Your welcome! That purple blows my mind! I love Illamasqua so much. Alex Box is my favorite makeup artist. Thank you so much for your sweet comment too! <3

    @t Thank you so much!