Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NYC Teal the End

2 coats Teal the End

My number one favorite teal shimmer.   
Striking, intensely vibrant color.  Rich, lit from within shimmer.

P.S. If you guys would like to see the whole dress it's here!  <3


  1. So pretty! That color goes well with your dress :)

  2. love the polish and I lovelovelove the dress! I found you a chloe like polkadot dress I will email you :)

  3. @Mel, Glassflecked. Thank you so much Mel! :D

    @Krissy Thank you so much - it was really fun to wear that dress with this bright beautiful polish! <3

    @Crystal Thank you so much - it's hands down my #1 favorite teal shimmer. I wish it was perm so much! And yes, email me - I am obsessed with polka dot dresses (and, well, polka dot everything!)! :D

  4. I really love how you artfully pose your hands!