Friday, August 19, 2011

China Glaze
Haunting Collection

China Glaze Haunting - 2 coats, in the shade.

China Glaze Haunting - 2 coats, in direct sun.

Haunting is a beautiful rich black strewn with fine silver glitter.

I know there are other black polishes w/ silver glitter but I really like this one a lot.

China Glaze It's Alive - 2 coats, in the shade.

China Glaze It's Alive - 2 coats, in sun.

This is so unbelievably gorgeous!
★ The star of the collection for sure! ★ 

A stunning blend of fine green glitters with small golden hexagon glitter!
Don't forget to click the pics for close-ups!  <3

China Glaze Crimson - 3 coats, in the shade.

China Glaze Crimson - 3 coats, in direct sun.

Crimson is an extremely deep, dark blood purple cream.

This is one of those almost black shades that I have way too many of.
It does have a nice glossy formula though.

China Glaze Near Dark - 3 coats, in the shade.

China Glaze Near Dark - 3 coats, in direct sun.  
It's so shiny there is a reflection of the sun and clouds in each nail!

A deep murky green with a touch of gray giving the shade a bit of dustiness.
It applied like a dream.  It dried sooooooooooooo glossy!

Near Dark has too much coverage to be a jelly but it's also not a typical cream.  I guess I'd call it's finish a "jelly-cream".  It has some translucence and an exceptionally high gloss finish.  You can see in the sun photo how the light passes through the layers of polish to allow the color to shine through.  Really beautiful!

In addition to these four beauties China Glaze is repromoting
Ghoulish Glow and Black Mesh in the Haunting Collection for Halloween.
Check those pretties out here!


  1. Haunting is gorgeous! I like this collection a lot better than OPI's. It seems more.. genuine. Much more true Halloween, OPI's seems more like the costumey, hokey part of Halloween. I <3 China Glaze!

  2. I want all of these because I'm obsessed with Halloween, but if I could only get one it would be It's Alive. I love the different sizes of glitter.

  3. I'ts alive looks so unique... Love your swatches!

  4. I picked up 'It's Alive' and 'Ghoulish Glow' yesterday and left the other two behind.
    Your swatches are proof I NEED to go back and buy them!

  5. *drools* It's alive is such a great glitter! I'm a sucker for China Glaze's Halloween glitters, always great!

  6. I love It's alive! Where can I buy this collection? I can't seem to find it anywhere :(

  7. @SmokEVictoria Nail Supply has the whole collection available right now! :) It should also be available at Sally Beauty soon.