Monday, August 22, 2011

Hedy's Body Shop Halloween Nail Decals

Hedy's Body Shop has recently put out a lot of fun new Halloween displays at Rite Aid.  One of the displays has four new sets of their Jellies Gel Nail Art decals in cool Halloween themed designs.  I nabbed one of each set.  Check 'em out!

Here's a quick look at a few fun looks I did with the decals.  

Read on after the jump to see the sets in detail and looks that I did with them!

This is the Black Cat set which comes with lots of cool black cats!
The designs in this set are super AWESOME!!!

These are the Black Cat designs and OMG they are so cool!!!
The designs are so intricate and have lots of detail!

The polish is three coats Brucci Sheri's Pistachio Creme
topped with 2 coats China Glaze Ghoulish Glow.
This looks so cool glowing in the dark with the kitteh!

This is the Silver Web set which has metallic silver spiders & webs.

I love that these are metallic silver!

The polish is 2 coats China Glaze Haunting.
The polish's fine silver glitter gives the decal designs more depth.
It reminds me of dew drops on a spider web just before dawn,
sparkling in the moonlight...

This is the Vampire Night set which comes with black bats
flying amidst glow in the dark stars and crescent moons.

These were tricky to photograph but I hope you can see the more intricate
designs of the bats.  They have little eyes and detail lines in their wings!

The polish is 2 coats Color Club Glitter Envy.
The neon green brings out the fine details of the bats, esp their eyes.
I love how the glitter looks with the glow in the dark stars and moon:
like far away stars in an acid green sky where bats fly on Halloween...

This is the Be Jeweled set which comes with glow in the dark skull and crossbones.
Each skull has a copper colored jewel in one eye.

These look so cool glowing in the dark!

The polish is Nubar Violet Sparkle.
This is such a cute look!  <3

***A quick note - the fake nails I use are HUGE so the decals look smaller than they actually are in these photos.  For example, the black cat decal shown on the fake nail would cover a regular sized thumb nail.  The decals come in sets of 15 and are sized in groups of 5 from thumb to pinky, large to small.

The Bad and The Good:

The BAD - My main criticism is that the decals were tricky to peel away from the backing sheet without damaging them.  The Be Jeweled set (skulls & crossbones) was almost impossible to peel off and I ruined two of the decals in the process.  The other sets were easier to remove from the backing but I still had to be very careful.  

The GOOD - These adhere really, really well.  I didn't even apply top coat over them!  The glossiness of the decals blends in well over a glossy manicure.  The decal sizes were just right - the designs fit well from thumb to pinky.  And I really love the designs - they're really cool and have great details!  I also love how the designs are on clear backgrounds so that the polish color can show through the designs.

Some Application Tips:

 Carefully and gently use the edge of your nail to initially lift an edge of the decal from the backing sheet.  Using a tweezers to initially lift the edge of the decal from the sheet will damage it.  

 Once you've lifted the edge of the decal with your nail, carefully grasp the edge of the decal with a tweezer and slowly lift the whole decal from the sheet.

♥ Place the decal carefully onto your nail with the tweezers.  Gently rub outward from the center of the decal until it has completely adhered to your nail.  If you are applying a design with a jewel accent be careful not to rub over it.  

Thanks so much for reading, gals and ghouls!  <3


  1. these are really pretty. is the edge of the decals as noticable in person as it is in the photos?

  2. @KristenThe edges aren't as noticeable in person but I found that the edges blended in better with darker and brighter polish shades. I found the edges to be a lot more noticeable when I used the decals with lighter polish shades (like the mint green shown with the black cat). I would not recommend using these with white polish either - I think the edges would show up too much. HTH! <3

  3. I love the kitties, even for non-halloween events! Hey have you tried using tweezers to peel off the stickers?