Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tip Tuesday

I have lotsa tips and I thought it would be fun to share 'em once a week - and so, Tip Tuesday begins!

This week's tip is about protecting your skin & cuticles during nail polish removal. It's super easy, only takes a minute, and makes a huge difference!

Acetone and acetone based nail polish removers are great for getting your polish off but can wreak havoc on your skin and cuticles - especially if you change your polish often.  Before you begin to remove your polish follow these two easy steps...

Read on after the jump for photos and all the details!

 Step one - moisturize!  Apply a rich cream to any skin that could be exposed to the nail polish remover.  Don't forget the pads of your fingers and the skin along the sides of your nails.  You can use your favorite cream but my favorite is Egyptian Magic.  It's incredibly moisturizing, has an endless list of different uses, and it really does work like magic!

♥ Step two - apply cuticle oil to your cuticles, the skin just beneath your cuticles, and the skin along the sides of your nails.  This gives some extra protection to the areas which are definitely going to come in contact with nail polish remover.  Using the brush that comes with your cuticle oil makes this fast and easy!

My favorite cuticle oil is Barielle Intensive Nail Renewal Oil.  <3

And that's it!  You can use this tip if you're using the foil method too.  It really helps keep your skin and cuticles from drying out!

*A quick edit/note - my friend Alexandrarc just reminded me that it can be tricky to open bottles when your fingers are slippery from moisturizers.  My solution:  I keep a paper towel nearby and use it to help me open bottles if my fingers are too slippery.  <3

♥ Stay tuned for next Tuesday's tip - 
a moisturizing hand treatment while you clean! ♥


  1. That's fantastic! Really great tips!
    Please check out my blog:

  2. Great tip! I hate how drying polish remover can be.

  3. @KristenThanks so much! I'm so happy to be helpful!

  4. I've been having issues with dry hands and cuticles and I'm sure it's because of the nail polish remover. I'll have to try this tip. I never thought of it before, seems so genius! Hopefully it helps :)

  5. Excellent tips!! Where can I get this egyptian magic? :D

  6. @rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued)Thanks so much! Egyptian Magic is available at Whole Foods and most other natural markets. <3

  7. You are a genious! I tried this with Whipped Pudding (also sold at WF) and WHAT a difference. A funny thing happened though, I couldn't open the bottle of almond oil after I applied the cream, so next time I'll have everyhing ready ;)

    I can't wait for next tuesday <3

  8. @alexandrarcHooray!!! <3 And thank you so much for reminding me about slippery fingers/not being able to open things! I keep a paper towel nearby to help me open things if my fingers are too slippery. *goes to edit post*

  9. I really love the idea of Tip Tuesday! I love acetone but it kills my cuticles, I will be using this tomorrow when I change my mani. My cuticles thank you! lol

  10. @starification Thank you so much! :D This definitely helps me a lot - my skin and cuticles don't get all dry and cracked after I use remover anymore.

    @HaulOfFame YAY! Thank you so much! *\o/* And tell your cuticles I said, "you're welcome", lol. :D