Friday, November 4, 2011

Color Club
Scent-suous Collection: Part 1

Gingerbread Man

Santa's Cinnamon

Kiss Me Mistletoe

Color Club has released a new collection of scented nail polishes for the holidays! It's called the Scent-suous Collection and seems to be exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply.  This post includes the three Christmas-y colors:  Gingerbread Man, Santa's Cinnamon, and Kiss Me Mistletoe.

Part 2 includes the three glitter toppers from the Scent-suous Collection:  Sugar Plum Yum, Very Merry Berry, and Orna-Minted.  Be sure to check them out here!

Please read on after the jump for close up swatch photos, reviews, and more!

Gingerbread Man, 2 coats 

Gingerbread Man is a champagne gold foil with fine silver sparkles running through it.  The formula was fantastic.  Smooth, easy application.  Quick dry time. Gingerbread Man literally smells a gingerbread cookie. It was pleasant after it dried but then I had a veggie burger for dinner and there was a serious conflict of taste and smell happening.  Gross.  I suggest pairing it with a pumpkin spice chai latte instead.  ;D

Santa's Cinnamon, 3 coats

Santa's Cinnamon is a red jelly filled with sparkling red glitter.  I really hope my photos show the beauty of this this awesomesauce.  It just GLOWS!  Good formula, a little thick but it's not problematic.  Definitely needs a high gloss top coat to get shiny/sparkly.  I used this. Santa's Cinnamon smells like Hot Tamales/Atomic Fireballs/Red Hots...pretty much any cinnamon candy. Yummy.  Definitely my favorite of all the scents!

Kiss Me Mistletoe, 2 coats

Kiss Me Mistletoe is a light antique green foil with fine silver sparkles throughout.  Same great formula as Gingerbread Man.  I love the silver sparkles in these foils!  The sparkles are part of the actual finish keeping the look flawlessly smooth.  Kiss Me Mistletoe smells like a real Christmas tree which was so lovely at first. Outdoors it smelled nice.  Indoors it was too much for me.  It felt like I had tiny air fresheners for nails. 

Here is a bonus shot of this wild shirt and Kiss Me Mistletoe in the sun!

♥ Stay tuned for Part 2 with the three glitter toppers!

And just in case anyone is curious...  Everything I'm wearing in these photos is vintage.  The leopard coat was bought at a charming local antique shop.  It's not made of real leopard, lol!  The kitteh and kittehn sweater came from a wonderful online vintage shop in Canada.  The back of the sweater is all hearts!  Both shops closed several years ago sadly.  The wildly colored crinkle top is from a local thrift shop that benefits an AIDS charity.  It's handwritten price tag said, "Try something different!", so I did.  I wore it with yellow pants and bright green wedge heels.  ;D