Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Color Club
Scent-suous Collection: Part 2

Color Club Sugar Plum Yum over Illamasqua Jo'Mina

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Color Club Orna-Minted over China Glaze Four Leaf Clover

Color Club Very Merry Berry over China Glaze First Mate

Color Club has released a new collection of scented nail polishes for the holidays! It's called the Scent-suous Collection and seems to be exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply.  This post includes the three glitter toppers from the collection:  Sugar Plum Yum, Orna-Minted, and Very Merry Berry.

Part 1 included the three Christmas-y colors from the Scent-suous Collection: Gingerbread Man, Santa's Cinnamon, and Kiss Me Mistletoe.  Be sure to check them out here if you haven't already!  :D

Please read on after the jump for closeup swatch photos, reviews, and more!

1 coat Sugar Plum Yum over 2 coats Illamasqua Jo'Mina
1 coat Confetti Tiara between to add depth

Sugar Plum Yum is a blend of dark purple hexagon glitters in a variety of sizes paired with small bright green hexagon glitter in a clear base.  The large purple hexagon glitter gives this mani the feel of a purple leopard print.  This is such a fun combination of colors! Purple + green = awesomesauce!  The scent is light, fresh, and sugary after the polish dries.  It reminds me of pixy stix.  Definitely my favorite scent out of the three!  <3

1 coat Orna-Minted over 3 coats China Glaze Four Leaf Clover
1 coat Confetti Tiara between to add depth

Orna-Minted is a blend of silver hexagon glitters in a variety of sizes paired with small gunmetal hexagon glitter in a clear base.  The silver glitter is so nice and shiny, almost like little mirrors!  The mint scent of this polish was slightly notable during and right after application.  It smelled like minty chemicals.  Yuck. After it dried there was almost no scent whatsoever.  I love the smell of spearmint so I was hoping this would have a sweet minty scent.  It doesn't.  :/

1 coat Very Merry Berry over 2 coats China Glaze First Mate
1 coat Confetti Tiara between to add depth

Very Merry Berry is blend of bright fuchsia hexagon glitters in a variety of sizes paired with small and fine blue hexagon glitters in a clear base.  I loved this one a lot more after I found the right polish to layer it over. The glitter is so vibrant and bright - it really pops!  Love this one!  The scent reminds me of blue raspberry candy.  The scent is really strong.  Depending on personal preferences, that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

I was going for a layered look so I only did one light handed coat of each glitter polish.  They are dense enough to wear over a similarly colored base to achieve the look of complete coverage though.  For example, 2 coats of Sugar Plum Yum over a dark purple would get very close to the bottle look.  I wouldn't recommend wearing any of these alone unless you don't mind peek-a-boo spots.

The formula is a bit tricky on all three of these polishes.  The glitter tends to stick together and clump, especially the large hexagon pieces.  I found the best way to apply these polishes is to get a small blob of polish on the brush and spread it over the nail, like icing a cake.  I used my cleanup brush to gently disperse any clumping glitter.  These polishes all dry quite quickly so I found it best to immediately address any clumping.

There is an issue with the formula that causes the larger pieces of glitter to curl a bit.  I used my cleanup brush to carefully press down the edges of any particularly problematic glitter. I finished each of these manis with my favorite glitter smoothing combo.  The end result was smooth, glossy, and sparkly!

The curly glitter issue is only really noticeable in macro photos and barely noticeable in real life.  With a good glitter smoothing combo and a little fussing these can look really great.

All clothing and accessories shown are vintage.  :D