Thursday, December 1, 2011

NK Charcoal Navy & NK Mystical

NK Charcoal Navy

NK Mystical over NK Charcoal Navy

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NK Charcoal Navy, 2 coats

Charcoal Navy is a deep, smoky navy with a fine shimmer finish.  It has that beautiful "lit from within" quality where the edges of the nail are darker and the center of the nail is luminous with shimmer.  Charcoal Navy is deep and vampy but it never looks black, even in minimal lighting.  It's always blue.  I'm wearing a shorter nail length right now and this color felt so chic to wear.  The formula was really great too.  Easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats.

1 coat NK Mystical over 2 coats NK Charcoal Navy

Mystical is, simply put, awesomesauce.  Seriously. Awesomesauce.  Like magical forest fairies made it from sparkles and rainbows.  The small opalescent hexagon glitter sparkles amber, gold, green, and ice blue.  At certain angles the glitter has a strong color shift and flashes electric blue with sprinkles of emerald green and teal!  *swoons*  This is a must-have.  It looks beautiful layered over everything.  Literally.  Everything.

Mystical has an amazing formula.  It's smooth.  That's right.  Smooth glitter!  I only used one coat of regular top coat for this mani and my nails were completely smooth!  Mystical's consistency is gel-like and applies very evenly over the nail, distributing the glitter perfectly.  This gel-like formula is probably responsible for the smooth texture of the polish.  Removal wasn't the usual epic battle but I still recommend using the foil method.

NK polishes are available from Nicka K.  They cost $1.49 each and are 15ml size.

This product was provided to me for review.