Saturday, December 3, 2011

NK Midnight Blue & NK Mystical

NK Midnight Blue

 NK Mystical over NK Midnight Blue

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NK Midnight Blue, 3 coats

Midnight Blue is a vibrant jewel toned blue with a hint of shimmer.  The shimmer is less noticeable in real life than it is here in macro.  Most of the time the finish looks like a cream with a touch of shimmery glow.  The color has a lot of pop to it!  I really love this shade!

The formula was a bit tricky though.  The surface of the polish dries very quickly so if the brush goes over a freshly painted area that has begun to dry it can pull a bald spot.  Here are some tips for working with this polish:

Apply thin coats.

Wrap the tips first and then do three quick strokes on each nail.  Move on to the next nail even if you miss a spot or don't get an edge just right.

Cover any missed spots and/or correct edges on the next coat.  Dry time is fast so the first nail painted is fully dry by the time the other nine get painted.

There is another peculiar thing about this polish's formula.  It dried to a rubbery matte looking finish with no shimmer.  The polish looked flat and dark.  The color had no vibrance to it.  It looked similar to how certain neon polishes dry.  

Once I applied my top coat the polish completely changed.  The color and finish perked right up.  What was on my nails looked like what was in the bottle, a bright glow-y blue.  Midnight Blue really needs a good top coat to look like it does in the bottle (and in my photos).  For this mani I used Poshe Super-Fast Base Coat and Poshe Super-Fast Top Coat.  They worked great!  They are my new holy grail combo.

 1 coat NK Mystical over 3 coats NK Midnight Blue

I couldn't help myself.  I had to Mystical-ize this mani too!  I have a full review of NK Mystical in this post if you would like to read all about this awesomesauce.  :D

I normally take all my photos in diffuse light but I just had to share what happened when I held my nails in direct sun.  It almost looks like a gradient mani!

NK polishes are available from Nicka K.  They cost $1.49 each and are 15ml size.

This product was provided to me for review.