Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NYC Teal the End

2 coats Teal the End

My number one favorite teal shimmer.   
Striking, intensely vibrant color.  Rich, lit from within shimmer.

P.S. If you guys would like to see the whole dress it's here!  <3

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tip Tuesday

This week's tip is about protecting your hands and nails while cleaning!

Lots of ladies wear rubber gloves to protect their hands while cleaning but after a while hands and nails get damp inside the gloves.  Hands get sweaty and dehydrated.  Nails get soft and weak.  Nail polish wears away at the tips or chips. There is a trick to avoiding all this!

Please read on after the jump for photos and all the details!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lynnderella Snow Angel

1 coat Lynnderella Snow Angel over 3 coats Essie Marshmallow

It's snowing glitter!

Don't forget to click the photos for a closer look!

There is nothing like white glitter.

Thank you so much to Laquerish for hosting the amazing giveaway for this gorgeous polish!  I feel so extremely lucky to have won!

For more information on Lynnderella's incredible lacquers go here!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tip Tuesday

I have lotsa tips and I thought it would be fun to share 'em once a week - and so, Tip Tuesday begins!

This week's tip is about protecting your skin & cuticles during nail polish removal. It's super easy, only takes a minute, and makes a huge difference!

Acetone and acetone based nail polish removers are great for getting your polish off but can wreak havoc on your skin and cuticles - especially if you change your polish often.  Before you begin to remove your polish follow these two easy steps...

Read on after the jump for photos and all the details!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hedy's Body Shop Halloween Nail Decals

Hedy's Body Shop has recently put out a lot of fun new Halloween displays at Rite Aid.  One of the displays has four new sets of their Jellies Gel Nail Art decals in cool Halloween themed designs.  I nabbed one of each set.  Check 'em out!

Here's a quick look at a few fun looks I did with the decals.  

Read on after the jump to see the sets in detail and looks that I did with them!

Friday, August 19, 2011

China Glaze
Haunting Collection

China Glaze Haunting - 2 coats, in the shade.

China Glaze Haunting - 2 coats, in direct sun.

Haunting is a beautiful rich black strewn with fine silver glitter.

I know there are other black polishes w/ silver glitter but I really like this one a lot.

China Glaze It's Alive - 2 coats, in the shade.

China Glaze It's Alive - 2 coats, in sun.

This is so unbelievably gorgeous!
★ The star of the collection for sure! ★ 

A stunning blend of fine green glitters with small golden hexagon glitter!
Don't forget to click the pics for close-ups!  <3

China Glaze Crimson - 3 coats, in the shade.

China Glaze Crimson - 3 coats, in direct sun.

Crimson is an extremely deep, dark blood purple cream.

This is one of those almost black shades that I have way too many of.
It does have a nice glossy formula though.

China Glaze Near Dark - 3 coats, in the shade.

China Glaze Near Dark - 3 coats, in direct sun.  
It's so shiny there is a reflection of the sun and clouds in each nail!

A deep murky green with a touch of gray giving the shade a bit of dustiness.
It applied like a dream.  It dried sooooooooooooo glossy!

Near Dark has too much coverage to be a jelly but it's also not a typical cream.  I guess I'd call it's finish a "jelly-cream".  It has some translucence and an exceptionally high gloss finish.  You can see in the sun photo how the light passes through the layers of polish to allow the color to shine through.  Really beautiful!

In addition to these four beauties China Glaze is repromoting
Ghoulish Glow and Black Mesh in the Haunting Collection for Halloween.
Check those pretties out here!

Ghoulish Glow & Black Mesh

China Glaze is repromoting Ghoulish Glow & Black Mesh 
in their Haunting Collection for Halloween 2011.  
Here are two fun looks using them! 

I started by applying 3 coats of Brucci Sheri's Pistachio Creme.

It looks like it's glowing already!  
This is one of my favorite mint green creams.

I added two coats of China Glaze Ghoulish Glow.
Two coats glows way better than one.  I love the little ghost!  <3

This is the perfect glow in the dark base for
black nail art or fun Halloween decals!

I couldn't photograph this in the dark so I took a video and
snapped a screen shot so you could see the GLOW!!!

Here is the look topped with China Glaze Black Mesh.
This looks really cool glowing in the dark - like green lava!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Snow Angel Giveaway - closed

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Lacquerish for reaching 100 followers and beyond!

Right now Lacquerish has an AMAZING giveaway for a bottle of Lynnderella's Snow Angel!!!!!!  It is a dream of mine and many others to own this masterpiece, so here is a chance at a bottle!

Check it out here!  Good luck to everyone!  <3